GeoFence cannabis advertising

GeoFence for Custom Audience

GeoFencing is powerful targeting technology to serve ads based on where people have physically been. GeoFencing, or “Proximity Based Advertising” makes an impact with local markets. Create your custom GeoFence audience from anyone who walked into a location, or within your GeoFence within the last year. Select specific dates that are important to your targeting needs.

Modern GeoFencing takes a shot of adrenaline to stay in front of your customers for the life of their phone. 

We pull every mobile advertiser id in the US using satellites and cell phone tower triangulation. We date and time stamped with latitude and longitude coordinates. These efforts help ensure compliance to the cannabis industry. We also can identify known cannabis users, as they have walked into an age gated dispensary.

Think of the many conferences and events you wish you or your client had attended. Now you can reach them online!

FlowerShop Media Takes Two Approaches to GeoFence Advertising:

GeoFencing to Create a Custom Audience

This is an ideal choice to target participants from an event, trade show, or to identify cannabis dispensary consumers and decision makers.

This premium data comes with premium reporting… you have to see it to grasp the multiple ways it can be used. Please review the GeoFence Insights and Demographic report here from Sparc Dispensary in Santa Rosa, CA.

GeoFence Cannabis advertising

Hyper Local Geo Fencing

We send your ads in live time to anyone within the GeoFence using… you guessed it: satelites. No need to wait 24-48hrs for a Custom GeoFence Audience to deploy. Your HyperLocal tool is built into your DSP and ads can be live as soon as your banners are approved.

FlowerShop Media offers up to 1,000 HyperLocal GeoFences per campaign. 

Select HyperLocal targeting from our DSP by selecting “GPS targeting” and drop a pin by clicking the map and adjusting the circumference. 

You may layer in additional 3ed party demographics or interests to find your ideal customer.

Use Cases for Insight and Demographic Reports:

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then our GeoFence insights and attribution reports are worth their ROAS in gold.

What if you knew exactly who you were targeting before you started running your A/B tests? When you need to expand your audience or try a new campaign approach, your reports will guide your targeting decisions.

Know your target, speak their language. Understand what they care about most. Deliver your highly customized creative at just the right time. 

Insights include:

  • Zip code the customer lives in
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Income Level
  • Family Demographics
  • Frequency of Location Visit
  • Interests and more!