Michigan Spends $20M In Marijuana Revenue To Study Medical Cannabis For Veterans With PTSD

Studies demonstrating the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics could be leading more people to experiment with substances like psilocybin, a top federal drug official said in a new interview with Marijuana Moment. And when it comes to cannabis research, she said scientists should be allowed to investigate products from state-legal dispensaries instead of using only government-grown […]

New bills, statutes promise to change cannabis in Ohio

CLEVELAND — Legal marijuana is coming to Ohio one way or another, many industry experts agree. The questions are: will Ohio be ready when it happens and how will it change the state’s existing, heavily-regulated medical program? At the federal level, Democrats have already introduced the MORE Act, which would decriminalize marijuana at the federal […]

Drake, Killer Mike And Other Celebs Push Biden To Issue Mass Marijuana Pardons

A group of more than 150 celebrities, athletes, politicians, law enforcement professionals and academics signed a letter that was delivered to President Joe Biden on Tuesday, urging him to issue a “full, complete and unconditional pardon” to all people with non-violent federal marijuana convictions. This comes as the administration is actively encouraging about 1,000 people […]