Can microCOVID estimate the risk of smoking weed with friends?

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The first is easy: The calculator can account for coughing—under the “Loud” option in the Conversation Volume tab.  Getting the calculator to simultaneously incorporate sharing pieces isn’t so easy, unfortunately. Under the distance module, there’s a “Kissing” option, but while kissing might be the best stand-in for sharing a smoking device, when selected, the calculator does disable some other features. Both of these modifiers add a 5x increase in risk of getting COVID.  It should be noted that, in the Q&A section of microCOVID’s White Paper, the team addresses uncertainty in accounting for situations like ours, which involve multiple modifications to a default scenario: “We do think it’s reasonable to keep piling [modifications] on somehow. How exactly they combine is not precisely clear.” Example smoke sesh scenarios While calculating risk isn’t an exact science and probability models are constantly changing, we crunched some numbers for common smoke seshes using microCOVID’s pre-baked options.  Don’t forget: location and lifestyle affect calculator estimates. Additionally, the way in which multiple factors for viral transmission combine isn’t fully understood for situations like ours. []

Source: Can microCOVID estimate the risk of smoking weed with friends? – Leafly

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