Cannabis has had a remarkable rise in popularity among the general public around the world, with recreational use considerably outnumbering therapeutic use. Cannabis beverages are alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that have been infused with marijuana or cannabis. The popularity of cannabis beverages is growing in response to customer desire for health drinks. Cannabis beverages are anticipated by consumers due to their reduced sugar content, clean ingredients, and proper dosage of cannabis. Furthermore, as individuals become more aware of the health advantages of cannabis beverages, demand for cannabis beverages has increased.

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Preventing weight gain, improving sleep issues, controlling blood pressure, and releasing anxiety and despair are just a few of the health benefits. The aforementioned aspects are major drivers of the cannabis beverage market‘s expansion. Furthermore, rising customer worries about calories and hangovers have prompted food and beverage companies to invest in cannabis beverage products. Nirvana Group, for example, released its Liquid Leaf cannabis beverage brand in June 2021. The components in Liquid Leaf are expertly mixed to produce a refreshingly crisp taste that rivals that of a high-end juice drink. []