The Weird Science Behind Weed Eyes

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Weed eyes can be a clear indication that you’re medicated. What’s going on there? And how to avoid?

Cannabis is recognized for its ability to provide consumers with a variety of benefits, but some of its side effects, especially from large amounts of consumption, can be less than savory.

One of the most apparent side effects many consumers experience is “weed eyes,”a.k.a., that red, bloodshot ocular tint that may occur after consuming cannabis.

This can be distressing – especially for newer consumers, who may find themselves in a cannabis-infused panic googling “why does weed make your eyes red?”

However, there’s no need to worry. Bloodshot eyes don’t have any long-term negative effect on your vision, although they may be annoying to deal with in the moment.

Despite the shock that might occur when you see your eyes turn red for the first time, understanding why this happens and all of the science behind it can help consumers feel more at ease when they look in the mirror.

In general, why do your eyes get red when you smoke weed? []

Source: The Weird Science Behind Weed Eyes | The Bluntness

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