These states could legalize cannabis next in 2022

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At the start of 2021, 13 state legislatures had recreational legalization measures on the table. New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Connecticut, and New Mexico actually followed through and legalized cannabis for all adults. It’s now legal to possess in all three states. Retail markets are expected to open next year in all those states except Virginia, which doesn’t allow retail stores until 2024.

Who’s next?

“The pressure is really on lawmakers at every level of government to take action,” said Carly Wolf, NORML’s state policies director. “Public and political support has only continued to increase.”

With the midterm elections coming up in Nov. 2022, some state legislators face increasing pressure to pass a legalization law that they craft—or have the voters pass their own law.

Here’s what’s happening in the states most seriously considering adult-use legalization, in order of most-likely to least-likely. []

Source: These states could legalize cannabis next in 2022 – Leafly

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