Focus on the customer journey to drive conversions


The customer journey is a valuable resource for cannabis advertisers looking to gain insights into their campaigns and optimize their efforts to drive conversions. By tracking important events such as purchases and form fills, users can see exactly when and where each conversion took place, and even view the exact domain where an ad was served. This level of detail can be extremely useful for cannabis advertisers, as it can help them understand the customer journey and identify key touchpoints that lead to conversions.

For example, a cannabis retailer could track purchases of specific products and see which advertising channels are driving the most sales. This information can be used to optimize the dispensary’s marketing efforts and allocate budgets more effectively. Additionally, it can be used to track the customer journey across different devices, providing valuable insights into the cross-device behavior of cannabis users.

In addition to tracking purchases and form fills, it can also be used to track other important events in the customer journey, such as sign-ups for newsletters or loyalty programs. By understanding the customer journey and knowing where and when key conversions took place, cannabis advertisers can make more informed decisions and drive better results for their campaigns.

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