Targeting the Right Users: The Importance of Audience Segments


Targeting the right audience is essential to the success of any marketing campaign, as it allows you to reach potential customers who are interested in your product. But finding the ideal target market can be a challenge when consumers fall into various demographic or behavioral categories.

To overcome this challenge, one solution is to use industry targeting. Industry targeting involves targeting specific industries and job roles instead of relying only on demographic data. This approach can be especially useful in the cannabis industry where a predefined target audience can help you effectively reach your desired market. The three predefined target audiences in the cannabis industry are: “Canna Curious”, “Canna Qualified”, and “Canna Experienced”.

“Canna Curious” are individuals who are interested in cannabis but have not yet made a purchase. They may be new to the industry or simply exploring their options. This audience segment provides an opportunity for brands to educate and inform potential customers by highlighting the benefits of their products and building trust with the brand.

“Canna Qualified” are current cannabis shoppers who have made at least one purchase and are actively looking for new products or brands. They are interested in trying new things and may be searching for a new go-to brand. Brands can target this audience by showcasing their products, highlighting their unique features and benefits, and offering promotions to entice them to make a purchase.

“Canna Experienced” are mid to heavy cannabis users who are knowledgeable about the industry and have established purchasing habits. They may be loyal to a specific brand or product and are less likely to switch to a new brand. Brands can target this audience by offering exclusive promotions, limited edition products, or new product launches to keep them engaged and interested.

By understanding these predefined target audiences, brands can tailor their advertising and marketing efforts to effectively reach and engage their desired target market. This, in turn, leads to a successful programmatic advertising campaign. So, whether you are a seasoned advertiser or new to the industry, utilizing industry targeting and predefined target audiences can help you reach your desired target market and achieve your marketing goals.

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