Conversion measurement for cannabis brands. #canna_advertising

Purchase and conversion tracking

Conversion tracking allows you to assess the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns by tracking the actions taken by people after interacting with your ads. These conversion events not only allow you to report on campaign performance, but can also be used to improve ad targeting and optimization.

The new FS.M pixel

We have recently made a series of improvements to our conversion measurement products including:  

  • support for additional cannabis e-commerce platforms,
  • a redesigned conversion tracking setup page,
  • a new event types and parameters,
  • improved website post age-gate traffic event types,
  • updated deduplication logic,
  • updated Tag Manager templates.

These updates should not negatively impact existing measurement or campaign performance, but we recommend using the latest pixel for the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

The FlowerShop Media Tracking Library is a tiny piece of JavaScript code that gives you the tracking capability.

It is required to add the following code snippet on every page that needs to be tracked. It is strongly recommended to place it near the top of the <head> tag and before any other scripts or styles.

<!– FlowerShop Media Tags –>
<script> (function(t,r,a,c,k){t[k]=t[”]=t[”]||(function(){ s=r.createElement(a);s.async=true;s.defer=true; s.src=’’+c; h=r.querySelector(a);h.parentNode.insertBefore(s,h); return function(){(t[”].q=t[”].q||[]).push(arguments);}})() })(window,document,’script’,’kcIURQ6MO7Kjm’,’_fsm’); </script>
<!– End of FlowerShop Media Tags –>

We offer support for the following e-commerce platforms: 

  • iHeartJane
  • Dutchie
  • Weedmaps
  • Treezs
  • Leafly
  • Shopify
  • Custom solutions
  • Conversion Time
  • Creative ID
  • Creative Name
  • Advertiser Name
  • 1st Impression Time
  • 1st Domain
  • Last Impression to Conversion Time
  • Last Click to Conversion Time
  • Clicks to Conversion
  • Impressions to Conversion
  • Campaign Name
  • Conversion Tracker
  • Conversion URL
  • Additional Impression Campaigns (shows other ads and/or campaigns seen by user)
  • First Impression Device
  • Last Impression Device
  • First Click Device
  • First Click Time on Site
  • Last Click Device
  • Last Click Time on Site
  • Conversion Device
  • Cart QTY (shows the number of items in the shopping cart at checkout)
  • Customer_ID (ID from the e-commerce platform)
  • OrderID (ID from the e-commerce platform)
  • Shopping Cart
  • Revenue
  • Store_ID (ID from the e-commerce platform)
  • Store Name (from the e-commerce platform)
  • Revenue (by Filter)
  • Orders (by Filter)
  • Avg. Cart QTY (by Filter)

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