Grow your Cannabis brand via compliant, data driven & targeted advertising – reaching consumers across all digital media channels while ensuring your campaigns are always in compliance. 


From national branding campaigns to hyper-local targeting with campaign performance optimizations, FlowerShop Media helps brands and agencies maximize advertising budgets in the highly regulated cannabis industry.

Whether you’re looking to buy direct with publishers or looking to reach consumers across our curated media channels for Display, Audio, Video, Digital TV, Native, Digital Out of Home – The Cannabis Media Marketplace is where campaigns meet scale and compliance.


Compliance Automation

Built-in age-gating and ad serving restrictions target audiences only in states where cannabis is recreationally legal. Compliance supports all regulatory requirements with creative and disclaimers required by all States.

Curated Marketplace

With more than 5 billion ad impressions available each month that can display cannabis ads our curated network of premium publishers ensures your ads will be seen in leading publications and aligned with reputable websites, blogs, and media partners.

Audience Marketplace

Expand into new markets with geo-targeted campaigns and custom audiences. Upload your own audience data to FlowerShop's built-in DMP or acquire look-alike audiences through a data partner to target and retarget potential customers.

Media Activation

Getting started is as easy as uploading your creative, answering a few questions, and FlowerShop will take care of the rest. Take advantage of a robust suite of campaign management features, including forecasting, A/B testing, view-through conversion measurement, and retargeting.

GEO Farm & GEO Fence

Get as granular as you like by geotargeting stores, zip codes, or the whole state. Hyper-local targeting enables you to serve unique campaign messaging to different locations and drive foot-traffic to dispensaries.

Data Management

Our data management platform helps you put your data to work, using insights about your current audiences to uncover people that will be interested in your brand. Plus, you can import data directly into our demand side platform for more optimization and control.


Make your inventory available to purchase for cannabis brands and be assured that all campaigns that run across your site will be in compliance with all state laws.


Discover, plan and buy cannabis compliant media all within the cannabis media marketplace and be assured that all your campaigns will be in compliance with all state laws.


and begin transforming your Cannabis brand today.